How to Play an OGM File

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you are the type of person who downloads movies from the Internet, you might have encountered the OGM file. Also known as the Ogg Vorbis video container format file, the OGM file contains a special audio and video stream in the high-quality XVid, Theora, or DivX video format. However, unlike most video formats, OGM files do not play natively on computers. For this reason, if you want to enjoy the high-quality streaming of OGM video files, you will first have to make a few changes and install new files to your computer.

Materials Needed:
- OGM codec packs
- an OGM player
Step 1
If you want to play OGM video files in your computer using the Windows Media Player, downloading a codec pack for adding playback support for the OGM format on Windows is required. OGM codec packs can easily be found in several sites across the Web, although you can easily download it from this site:
Step 2
After the installation of the appropriate codec packs, you will have to introduce the OGM video file to the Windows Media Player for it to recognize the format. To do so, open the Windows Explorer program and choose the 'Folder Options' tab from the 'Tool' menu. Click on the tab for 'File Types' and find the OGM format on the list. If it does not show up, click on the 'New' button to add it to the list.
Step 3
Click on the 'Change' option. This will cause a list to appear on the screen. Locate the Windows Media Player, click on it and press the 'OK' button.
Step 4
Close the window for Folder Options. If done correctly, any OGM video file in your computer should automatically play in the Windows Media Player.
Step 5
If your computer is running on Mac OS X or the Linux platform, you can also opt to install an external media player that supports the OGM format to play OGM videos. Cross-platform media players, such as GOM Player and VLC Media Player for example, support OGM file formats and are generally free of charge to download and install.
Step 6
To play OGM files using an external media player, you must first download the player from the Internet. Download sites such as and Softpedia are great places to find and download OGM players.
Step 7
After downloading it to your system, run the player’s installation file. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and reboot if necessary.
Step 8
Once the player has been installed, you will now be able to play OGM video files automatically on your machine.