How to Download and Install Font

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

One of the fun ways to express once creativity is through the use of different font characters. Large numbers of font files are installed in our computer before and after we secure any additional programs. The texture and the form of the fonts we use can convey different feelings, thus creating a whole new environment to make them look more enticing to read. There are two common ways to acquire additional font characters. One is by purchasing download files provided in CDs or by downloading from the Internet. Below are steps in downloading and installing font collection from the Internet.

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- WinZip
- WinRar
- Antivirus
Step 1
Search for free or paid fonts over the Internet. Using an Internet search engine look for websites offering font downloads. Note that you need a reliable Internet connection to access the Web.
Step 2
After choosing the fonts that you need proceed to downloading. Check if your antivirus is running before you resume download. This will help block any unauthorized commands that may attempt to access your computer during the download.
Step 3
Choose Open in the File Download pop up screen, which will initially appear during the download. This option is available for those who are using the Internet Explorer for their browser. For Firefox user click Open with in the pop up screen, this will primarily appear during download Most of the time the right program is already set and all you have to do is select Open with. You may also opt to choose the program to open your file if you find the suggested program inappropriate. Downloaded fonts are commonly in .zip or .rar formats. In that case you will need a WinRAR or a WinZip program to access or open these files. Secure a WinRaR or WinZip program. Download a free trial version offered on the official websites of these programs
Step 4
After selecting Open with for Firefox or Open for Internet Explorer users, click the OK button to confirm the action.
Step 5
A new window will appear with the zipped format of the fonts. Select the Extract all files on the left side of this windows. Click the Next button when the Extraction Wizard screen appears.
Step 6
The Extraction Wizard screen will then proceed to the Select a Destination process of extraction. Click the browse button to specify the destination of the extracted files.
Step 7
Select a destination screen will then pop up. Select Desktop and then select the OK button
Step 8
You will be redirected to the Select a Destination process of file extraction. Now select the Next button.
Step 9
The Extraction Wizard screen will now direct you to the Extraction Complete process. Select Show extracted files then click the Finish button.
Step 10
A window will appear on the screen containing the extracted file. Click the font file, which has a .ttf file extension. Notice that the font file was highlighted when you selected it.
Step 11
Now select the Move this file option on the left side of the window.
Step 12
The Move Items window will then appear providing list of possible file destination. Choose Local Disk (C :) or Drive C: from the list.
Step 13
The Install Font Progress screen will then pop up to show the status of your font transfer. Wait until the installation reaches 100% and you’re done.