How to Use HTML

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

HTML is also known as Hypertext Markup Language. It is the code that displays pages on a Web browser. An HTML file is made up of commands that indicate whether a text is a heading, a list, a link or a paragraph. An HTML code is written with an opening that is denoted by a bracket (<) and a closing with (>). Closing the code is done by typing a backslash (/) after the closing bracket.

Materials Needed:
- Web browser
- Computer
- Text editor
- Internet connection
Step 1
Open a text editor program on your computer like Notepad. Save the file with a filename that you will remember.
Step 2
Type '<HTML>' on top of page. This ensures that the following text typed on the document is read as an HTML file.
Step 3
You can provide a title for the web page that you are creating. The title is written between the codes '<TITLE>' and '</TITLE>'. An example is '<TITLE> Page Title </HTML>'. The title appears on the title bar of the web browser window.
Step 4
Choose a background color for your website. Colors are denoted by an octothorpe/pound sign (#) followed by a six-digit number. To view a complete list of colors and their corresponding digits, search the Internet for a list of color codes for html. The background color’s code is written as '<body bgcolor='#000000'>'. This example changes the web page’s background to black.
Step 5
The text on the page can also be changed. The text color is also denoted by the six-digit color codes. The text of the web page is written after the body background. It is written as '<body bgcolor='#000000' text='#FF0000'>'. This example changes the text color to red and the background color to black.
Step 6
The text style on the web page is customizable. In html code, '<b>' is used to make the text bold, '<i>' to make the text italicized and '<u>' to underline the text. Don’t forget to close the code with '</b>', '<i>' or '</u>'.
Step 7
You can also add images on your web page. Choose a free photo host to upload your image. To add the image on your website, add the code '<img src='website address of'>.
Step 8
Links can also be added to the web page. This can be done by using the code '<a href='website URL'>'.
Step 9
End the HTML document by typing '</HTML>' at the end of the text. Don’t forget to save your work.