How to Install a Netgear Wireless Router

Level of difficulty: Easy

Setting up a Netgear Wireless router for your computer can be done in several easy steps.

Materials Needed:
- Netgear wireless router
- broadband connection
- a computer that supports wireless networking or has a wireless network adapter
Step 1
Unplug your modem. Connect the Netgear wireless router to the modem.
Step 2
Get the network cable that should have come with the package of the Netgear wireless router and plug one end into the computer and the other into one of the ports in the Netgear wireless router that isn’t marked as WAN, WLAN, or Internet.
Step 3
Launch an Internet browser and type the following on the address bar: or The value that changes is determined by the router’s model number.
Step 4
A window will appear asking for a username and password. Type the 'admin' command in the username field and 'password' in the password field. Click 'OK'.
Step 5
Select 'Wireless settings' on the left side of the screen that will appear. Now is a good time to copy the settings on a sheet of paper as you will be using these to configure the other clients of the network later on.
Step 6
Type your preferred name for your wireless network in the SSID field where it says 'NETGEAR'. Select the correct regional settings. Improper placement of the region may cause problems for your computer later on. Select one from the available channels and then click on 'Apply'.
Step 7
It is now time to make sure that the network you will be creating is secure. Once more, launch your browser and type in either or on the address bar.
Step 8
This will bring you back to the username and password window. Type your new username and password (if you have changed it). Select 'Wireless settings' but, this time, select WEP under 'Security options'. Under security type, choose 'automatic'. For encryption strength, use the highest option offered. Select key 1 and input any ten-digit combination. Click on 'apply'.
Step 9
Configuring the wireless client will begin by opening the Control Panel. Go to 'Network and Internet connections' and then 'Network'. Look for 'Wireless connections' and then right click. This will produce a menu on which you will choose 'properties'. Go to 'Wireless networks' and make sure that the box beside 'Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings' contains a check mark. Click 'OK'.
Step 10
By right clicking on 'Wireless connection' once more, choose 'View all wireless networks'. Select the network you have just set up on the list. Type in the network key (the one you inputted when you configured the WEP settings). You are now wirelessly connected to the Internet.