How to clean up pc

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A computer needs to be cleaned on daily or weekly basis to avoid unnecessary accumulation of dirt and dust on the system. A computer needs to be cleaned both on its outside and inside. In order to clean a computer on its inside, users need to delete irrelevant and unused files from their hard drives. This increases the speed and efficiency of computers. A slow computer wastes lot of time and cause unnecessary delay in work. If the data keeps cluttering, users face difficulties in downloading additional data. A computer needs to be cleaned well on its outside to prevent dirt and dust from damaging the system. A simple step-by-step procedure is followed by users to clean the PC on its outside.

Materials Needed:
- One would need a computer
- water
- clean cloth and small quantities of alcohol or mild cleaner to clean the outside of computer. In order to clean the inside of a computer
- one would require registry cleaner and “Disk Clean-up” to clean the hard drive.
Step 1
In order to clean the computer on its outside, first step for users is to ensure that PC has been turned off. Users should also turn off the scanner and printer as well.
Step 2
After turning off the computer, users need to pour few drops of mild cleaner on the soft cotton cloth for cleaning purposes. Computer exterior, and printer as well as scanner can effectively be cleaned. Users should take great care while choosing a suitable cleaner. They can even use a mixture of alcohol and water in 1:4 ratio to produce desired results. Window cleaners should be strictly avoided as it may damage the computer screen.
Step 3
Next step requires users to clean the mouse pad with the help of same cleaner. Users are required to clean the mouse with alcohol after removing the mouse ball.
Step 4
Users are then required to use compressed air to clean computer keyboard. This can remove the dust particles effectively.
Step 5
Cleaning hard drive of PC Users need to install an anti-virus program to protect their personal data.
Step 6
Next step includes installation of Computer Cleaner software to remove irrelevant files that are occupying unnecessary space.
Step 7
Users are then required to use 'Defragmentation' tool to eliminate fragments of data.
Step 8
After this users need to right click on the drive to remove temporary and junk files by using 'Disk Clean-up' option.