How to Install IDE Hard Drive

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) was the first version of what people call now as the ATA/ATAPI interface. As many people know, the IDE is a storage device for the computer. The IDE hard drive uses an IDE cable to the motherboard. It can also be that two IDE hard drives share the same IDE cable. The one is the master and the other is the slave. Today, there are different capacities of IDE hard drive.

Materials Needed:
- A desktop computer
- ATX casing
- IDE hard drive
- IDE cable
- power supply
- screw drivers
- and screws.
Step 1
The desktop computer must be off. Remove the power cables to be safe and prevent electrocution. Open the casing of the computer.
Step 2
Remove the cover casing of the computer. Do this by removing the screws that secure the cover casing with the use of the screw driver.
Step 3
Take the IDE hard drive and place it in the hard drive slot. It must properly fit on the hard drive slot. It is not in the right place if the IDE hard drive does not fit correctly. The hard disk slot is usually on the right side of the ATX case.
Step 4
Once the IDE hard drive is in the right place, secure it with screws. Secure both sides with screws to prevent it from moving. The internal parts of the hard drive can get damaged if the hard drive is not securely placed.
Step 5
Get the IDE cable and plug it in the IDE hard drive. Be sure that you plug the cable correctly. Don’t force the IDE cable to fit. It is not in the correct place if the cable does not fit the needles. The needles of the IDE hard drive can be damaged if the cable is forced. Also, be sure that you set the jumper settings of the hard drive to master.
Step 6
After plugging the cable into the IDE hard drive, the next thing you need to do is plug the cable into the motherboard. Make sure you do the same thing when placing the cable into the IDE hard drive.
Step 7
When you finish securing the IDE cable, you will need to connect the cable of the power supply into the IDE hard drive. This is to bring power into the hard drive. Make sure that you plug it properly so that it will not disconnect.
Step 8
After doing that, you can put the casing back. Secure the cover casing with screws. Reconnect the unplugged power cable and turn the computer on.