How to clean a disk

Level of difficulty: EASY

The Human brain takes the major decision regarding our movements. Similarly, it is the storage of the computer that maintains all the major functioning including the logical and arithmetical operations. A computer system contains several kinds of storage with individual purpose, the broad categorization being of primary and secondary storage. The secondary storage is famous due to its large storage capacity than the previous one. But, with secondary storage, the first thing that comes in our mind is the magnetic storage. The magnetic storage has the capability to retain information even when the power is off. Be it a magnetic disk (hard disk), floppy disk, optical laser disk- they can be used both for input and output purpose and are much ahead in terms of popularity. With its increased use, there is a possibility of the disks becoming dirty. But with time to time cleaning, it performs even more efficiently and lasts long. While coming to the topic of cleaning the disks, cleaning optical laser disks are a bit tedious as it has to be done manually while the magnetic disks can be clicked very easily with few clicks of the mouse.

Materials Needed:
- solution for cleaning.
Step 1
Proper care needs to be maintained for cleaning the laser disks or otherwise it can affect the foil on which data is encoded.
Step 2
Also, choosing the solution for cleaning is a vital factor that can affect the longevity of the disk. It is better not to use solvents for cleaning, since they can cause permanent damage to the disk.
Step 3
Apply some solution on a lint free clear cloth and start cleaning the disk right from the center to the outer end. Cleaning the magnetic disk is simply a maintenance task that has to be performed once a month.
Step 4
It will take nearly a minute to complete the entire magnetic disk cleaning process.
Step 5
From the programs menu in our computer, we have to go for the system tools where we can opt for disk clean up.
Step 6
After completing the analysis of the disk, we have to select the files that are a complete junk and have to be deleted. Immediately it will start cleaning and within a few minutes time, we have a clear magnetic disk at our service. Cleaning the disk is an important task, yet relatively easy. So, it is better not to compromise an awesome service of the storage disk for the lackluster of cleaning them. Clean them regularly and avail yourself the benefits of smooth functioning of the disks.