How to center an image in html

Level of difficulty: EASY

HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language is one of the major mark up language for the web pages. It is the web pages that are created with the help of HTML only. It lets the creator of the web pages specify how the text will be displayed and how to link the other web pages, files and internet services. It also helps to format the web pages. It loads scripts in languages like JavaScript that affects the behavior of the HTML processors. HTML documents contain plain text and possess the extension .html. But while speaking about centering the images, what can be the possible reasons? Suppose you want to add an image in the web page. On default alignment, it gets shifted to the left hand side. But a big image with text always looks nice in the center as the picture gets the complete exposure at the center. So, centering an image in HTML is one of the major part that makes a web page better. Well, centering an image is one of the major skills in designing a web page.

Materials Needed:
- word processor
- image editing program.
Step 1
Start the word processor that is used to create the web page.
Step 2
Select the image that has to be centered on the web page and save it in the computer. There are chances of cropping the images and save it so that the size of the image gets reduced and takes up little space in the computer. For this, the image editing program is extremely helpful.
Step 3
Then provide information about the location of the image on the computer along with the name of the image.
Step 4
Provide the instruction of aligning the image at the center. The job of centering the image is complete.
Step 5
Now, just open a web browser for making a cross check ensuring error free execution of the instructions of centering the image.
Step 7
HTML is a text and image formatting language used by the web browser to effectively format the web pages. At times, we can face problem with the style sheet properties and the image centering just because of HTML rules and browser functioning issues. But with a little care in selecting the browser is the simple solution to the problem and nothing can stop you from having the perfect aligned and decorated web page. So, if you are a professional or a normal user, go for the first hand experience of centering images in HTML and enter the new world of designing images.