How to change file type

Level of difficulty: EASY

A computer file is a collection of many similar category of information. It is a durable storage that is available in service for programs to use after the current program has finished. The information in the files are arranged as small heaps of information called records. Now coming to the types of information, they can be of any form. Each file is of different type and that is why there comes the term file extension in naming the file type. Every file has a file name that contains an extension and helps to understand the exact file format. It plays the decisive role in understanding the file’s generic type and associate the products that they handle. Speaking of changing the file type, there can be a large number of reasons for changing the file type but the main reason is to remove appearance of warnings while opening some files with certain applications and that too without changing the file. A file type change helps in changing a three-digit suffix and adding it to many computer files. They even help in making on application as the default for all files of the same type. Changing the file type requires only the software application and an operating system.

Materials Needed:
- software application and an operating system.
Step 1
Paving the way to the list of tools from the menu bar leads us to the list of folders.
Step 2
Then we have to go to the file that we desire to change and from the properties option, we can choose the application through which we can open the file.
Step 3
On non-availability of the application from the list and opt for browsing and on lending our approval for changing the file type, we come to the end of the entire procedure and the job is done.
Step 4
A document has a text file with the extension .txt. Due to unavoidable circumstances, we have to open with MS Word. In that case we have to change the file type to .doc. Well, these situations are very normal in our life. But its time to stop thinking and making a perfect solution for this, and that is changing the file type. Be it a .pdf file, a .doc file or .mp3 file for media player, no more it is a problem for us- thanks to the procedure of changing file type.