How to Set Up a Linksys Router

Level of difficulty: Easy

These days, wireless routers have become affordable enough that is why a lot of households have them. A wireless router is a convenient way to network computers. It also allows for Web surfing and accessing other computers within a network anywhere within the range of the router. This means that surfing the Web in the backyard can be made possible.

Materials Needed:
- Router
- Computer
- LAN (Local Area Network) cable or wireless network adapter (if the computer does not support wireless networking)
- Phone filter
- 3 phone wires
- Broadband Internet connection
Step 1
The first step is to double check whether the computer or the computers to be connected to the wireless connection are capable of accessing wireless networks. If not, consider purchasing a wireless network adapter. There are two different kinds of wireless adapter. One is the USB and another is to be connected to a PCI slot on the computer’s motherboard. It may or may not have an antenna. Consider buying an adapter with the same brand as the router, to ensure maximum compatibility.
Step 2
If a wireless network adapter is out of the question, consider a LAN cable instead. This LAN cable can connect the router to the computer via an available port somewhere in the CPU and ports behind the router.
Step 3
A phone filter needs to be bought as well. It can come in handy in making sure that the phones within the house would not get static due to the router and modem.
Step 4
Install the wireless network adapter into the PC or laptop. If the PC Card route has been chosen, open the CPU and insert it to the PC bus on the motherboard. Put the CPU back together.
Step 5
Disconnect from the Internet and turn off the computer’s modem. If the modem is attached directly to the computer and a phone line, unplug it from the phone and the computer. Also, unplug the phone from its main connection.
Step 6
Get ready with 3 phone wires. Plug one from the main connection to the filter, then another one from the filter to the modem and another one from the filter to the phone.
Step 7
Plug the modem to the Linksys router, specifically to the port labeled as Internet. If you are using a LAN cable to connect the router to the computer, plug it as well.
Step 8
To load, turn on the computer. The wireless adapter should automatically detect the available wireless connection.