How to Copy DVD Movie to Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A Digital Versatile Disc or DVD is a media format that can store a large size of data. The capacity of its storing capability is six times larger than a compact disc. This optical disc storage is capable of storing videos and data. There are devices used to utilize this optical disc storage such as DVD-ROM and DVD-RW. DVD-ROM device is required in order to read the data stored in a DVD, while DVD-RW is a hardware device capable of both reading and recording data in a DVD. It is hard to copy videos from DVDs, since most movies stored in a DVD is encrypted with a CSS copy protection. DVD copy software is needed to copy movies from DVDs to a computer. This application software is used to remove the CSS copy protection encrypted in the DVD.

Materials Needed:
- ImToo DVD Copy Express
Step 1
Download a DVD copying application software like ImToo DVD Copy Express over the Internet. Users can check the official website of ImToo DVD Copy Express at
Step 2
Once the program has been successfully downloaded, an installation prompt will automatically run on the desktop screen. Install the ImToo DVD Copy Express application by following the prompt’s instructions.
Step 3
When the installation is finished, click the icon of the software to launch its program window. As soon as the ImToo DVD Copy Express application initializes, users can then specify a location for the 'Source' and 'Target' settings. These options are viewable through the box provided for source combo and target combo.
Step 4
The user can then choose the output mode. The output mode is a selection where users can choose from 'Full Disk mode' and 'Main Movie mode'.
Step 5
After choosing the output mode, the program will provide a series of advanced options. This is the Setting Panel. The Setting Panel allows users to configure the target quality of the output including DVD volume, subtitle, temporary folder, and audio track.
Step 6
Once you have chosen your desired output format settings, click 'Start Copy'. This command will start the copying process of the DVD movie to the computer. When the ImToo DVD Copy Express software has finished copying the DVD movie, a message box will appear. This message box will notify the user that the copying procedure is completed. It will also notify the user about relevant details regarding the result of the copied movie such as the (1) length of time of the movie, (2) source, (3) target, (4) compress ratio, and (5) copy mode.