How to Hookup the Computer to the Stereo

Level of difficulty: Easy

Upon assembling a digital library, people often want to listen to it over stereo speakers. There are several simple ways for making your stereo and computer system work together especially when you want to play your music. The stereo system could easily be connected to the computer. Speakers that are designed for a stereo could also be hooked to your computer. Connecting the two systems is an easy procedure. All that is required is an input source on the stereo system and an audio out on the computer. You will also be needing the proper cables to establish a connection.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Audio Cables
- Stereo
Step 1
Hooking up your computer system to the stereo involves connecting the two systems using a headphone jack. When a headphone jack is already present in the computer and an auxiliary input is present in the stereo, connecting them will not be a problem. Connect the male 1/8 inch-sized RCA adapter to the computer and then run the RCA cable set to the stereo’s auxiliary or AUX input. Put the stereo on the AUX mode and press the Play button on the computer. If everything has been properly connected, the music should be heard from the speakers of the stereo. When your stereo has an input jack that has a size of 1/8 inch, all you need to purchase is a size 1/8 male-to-male cable so that they could be hooked together. Your stereo’s input jack is typically found at the front part of the stereo system.
Step 2
If your stereo system does not have an auxiliary input but instead has a tape player, a 1/8 inch tape adapter could be purchased at local hardware stores. After which, you may now be able to put in the male end into the headphone jack of your computer and place the tape in the stereo. Be certain that the tape is chosen as source and then press on the play button in the tape player.
Step 3
There are some computers that lack headphone jacks and there are devices which could be bought that are capable of connecting to the computer system via USB and supplying headphone jacks and other connections so that an audio signal may be patched. You may look up these types of devices at websites or local stores that market home recording equipment.
Step 4
A number of the latest stereos have USB links that allow users to play music on the hard drive to the stereo speakers.