How to connect computer to tv

Level of difficulty: Easy

Often, one would one want to display their computer files like videos, high-definition photos, music videos and projects onto a larger screen. Not many among us could afford to procure a larger computer monitor that serves only its primary purpose, although many do invest in getting a larger screen for their television sets. People often use television sets to play high-definition games, watch blue-ray movies and even work, owing to the advantages of better visibility and bigger work-area. Connecting the computer to the television set is a fairly simple procedure, and doesn’t even require cutting-edge or expensive TV sets. Even the regular domestic user can connect his computer to his TV using only some limited hardware like cables.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
There are some extremely common, tried-and-tested methods out there that provide a satisfactory conduit to the TV without perceptible loss in signal fidelity. The most common of these is to establish a connection with the S-video cable. Every television set comes equipped with the S-video port, and the entire set-up (including cables) is extremely inexpensive. If your PC is equipped with this port (including similar number of pins), then just by using the S-video cable, the computer could be connected to the TV.
Step 2
Most High-Definition TV sets (HDTV) comes equipped with a VGA port. The computer could be easily connected to the TV using a VGA cable. The VGA cable is decently cheap as well, and provides better picture clarity and signal fidelity than normal S-video cables. However, this is applicable only to HDTV sets, as regular television sets don’t generally come equipped with VGA ports.
Step 3
Modern users also opt for DVI and HDMI cables to connect their computers to their television sets. DVI, or Digital Visual Interface, places emphasis on the fidelity of the ‘digital’ connection, as a result of which, the picture quality is more accurate than either VGA or S-video. The participant television set needs to be an HDTV, and the computer needs to have a DVI port or a DVI converter set-up. The DVI cable is pretty costly (around), but the increase in picture quality is perceptible. HDMI by far gives the best picture quality, and is pretty rare. However, HDMI to DVI converters could be used to produce near-HDMI quality.
Step 4
A cheaper substitute would also be to use a scan converter box, which extracts a VGA signal and concerts it into other compatible visual signals. This process is cheap, and doesn’t require any extended installation procedures.