How to build a laptop computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is easier to build a laptop computer than a desktop computer.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware
Step 1
First you have to find a bare bone kit, as it includes the screen, track pad, keyboard and motherboard. The kits come in different sizes, and if you want a portable one, then pick a 13-inch screen but if you want to replace the desktop, a 17 or 19-inch screen will be perfect.
Step 2
Check if the kits have processors, wireless adapters, hard drives and RAM. The kits will have a GPU, which cannot be changed. Check out the weight and size of the battery, that will let you know how long your laptop can run.
Step 3
See the compatibility of the processors and other hardware. The bare bone kits should support the hardware. The processor is the most important component of your laptop, so find a power efficient one. The hard drive consumes lot of energy, as it doesn’t have a power saving processor.
Step 4
The bare bone kit should support the RAM; so scrutinize what you are buying. There are some wireless cards, which allow bluetooth access, but that is something that you have to pay extra for. Buy an optical drive which is easily available and cheap and much slimmer than the others.
Step 5
As the bare bone kit has the motherboard, you don’t have to worry about large components to be fitted in. There are markings made on the outside of the laptop, which indicates which part should go where. Start the building process of your laptop in a clean area, as it can be damaged by static discharges, dust can damage it and if foreign material gets in, the components do not work. The bare tools that can be used are a screwdriver, an air duster and a sharp object, that can work to fix up the laptop if you don’t have the other tools.
Step 6
Open and close the panels with a screwdriver, you might have to use force. This is where you can use the sharp object but don’t damage any part as it might cost you a lot. While fixing the parts, blow out the dirt particles if any with an air duster.
Step 7
Now boot the disk and start using you laptop. Just like the desktop, the process of installing the operating system is the same. The drivers will need to be installed which is in your bare bone kit so that you can have features like web cam and finger print readers.