How to clean cd

Level of difficulty: EASY

The Compact Disk, also known as the CD is a type of optical disk capable of storing large amounts of data. Most of the CDs have the storing capacity of 700 MB. Previously a CD once recorded, cannot be erased and filled with new data but with the introduction of Rewritable CDs, that is no longer an issue. Most of the information requiring large storage capacity like videos or computer games is stored in CDs. Just imagine that you have stored games like Hitman or Gears of War in a CD and while trying to running it, it is not working. That can be simply because scratches or due to dirt as a result of which the CD can skip or stop playing. The only solution to these problems are attaining some preventive measures and cleaning the CD. There is a very common proverb that prevention is better than cure. So, if we follow some of the preventive measures, then surely the CDs will not become dirty and automatically the CD will last longer. Certain measures like not using a ball point pen for writing in CDs, not eating or smoking around the CD and using jewel cases instead of cheap plastic sleeves can increase the life span of CDs. Always handle CDs by their edges and do not touch the shiny side of the disc through which the laser reads the information. But even after looking into these facts, CDs can catch dirt and for that cleaning the CD is the last option left in our hand.

Materials Needed:
- cleaning solutions
- soft cloth.
Step 1
A large number of cleaning solutions available in the market at real affordable prices. One thing has to be kept in mind that it is better to avoid solvents since they can cause damage to the disc.
Step 2
Apply some cleaner on a soft cloth and with its help, wipe the CD holding it by its edges.
Step 3
Today, majority of the people buy music and videos in CDs. Thus with its increase in use, we should also know the methods of its preservation. Tests have revealed that the quality of the discs plays a major role for its longevity. Cheap discs does not last long but one thing is for sure that if discs are handled properly and cleaned with correct methods, they are bound to last long than their usual time.