How to Install a Bluetooth on the Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Bluetooth technology has allowed mobile phone users to answer calls with ease through the use of a headset. Though this function was initially used with cellular phones, Bluetooth headsets can also be used with your computer. You may find use for the headset either through online gaming or using VoIP service. Here, you will find the steps on how to configure your computer with the Bluetooth device.

Materials Needed:
- Bluetooth-enabled computer
- computer
- Bluetooth adapter (if necessary)
- Bluetooth headset
Step 1
Check your computer if it is Bluetooth-enabled. To do this, go to the 'Control Panel' section and check if there is a Bluetooth icon. It will be in the shape of a B and should be colored blue. If there is such an icon, it means that your computer is Bluetooth ready and you may skip ahead to Step 3. If not, proceed to Step 2.
Step 2
Purchase a Bluetooth adapter. The adapter usually fits into the USB port of a computer and should come with an installation CD. Once you run the CD, follow the instructions in order to install the drivers and management program.
Step 3
Turn on your Bluetooth by putting it in 'discovery' mode. This will allow your computer to look for Bluetooth devices within your area. You may also set up your Personal Area Network (PAN) once Bluetooth is enabled on your machine. To go to Bluetooth mode, simply go to the 'Control Panel' and click on 'Search for devices' option. If you are using a Bluetooth adapter, search for the utility using the programs menu. The location for this function may vary depending on the type of adapter.
Step 4
Switch on your Bluetooth headset. The earpiece can be activated by pressing on the blue power button twice. If you have purchased a more expensive model, the power button may be different. Consult the Bluetooth headset manual for more information on this.
Step 5
Check if the network link between your computer and Bluetooth headset is working. Once the application locates the device, you will be prompted to answer if you wish to make a connection between the computer and the headset. Confirm the network link by clicking on 'OK'. Once a connection has been established, you may test it through the Windows sound recorder and check if the microphone is recording your voice. You may also use a voice-enabled chat program and test it by calling a friend.