How to Play a BIN/CUE File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Of all types of CD Image formats, nothing is as simpler and easier to play as the BIN/CUE file formats. A high popular CD image file, the BIN/CUE file format is a file compilation that contains all the data of a compact disc and the disc’s track information. In fact, anything that you can find in a CD, VCD or SVCD can be contained in a BIN/CUE file. However, in order to harness its full potential, you must first know the basics of playing BIN/CUE files.

Materials Needed:
- VLC media player
- Media Player Classic
- CDs and CD Burning software (optional)
Step 1
The best way to play BIN/CUE files on your computer is through the VLC media player. The VLC media player is capable of playing BIN/CUE files directly from CD, VCD and SVCD formats as well as other types of files. The VLC media player for Windows, Mac and Linux can be found and downloaded from download websites such as or Softpedia.
Step 2
After you have downloaded the file, click on the file’s setup icon to start installation. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and fill up any necessary check boxes and entries. If the installation asks you to reboot your computer, do so.
Step 3
Once the VLC player has been installed, double-click the 'VLC Player' icon. Click the 'File' tab on the player’s main window and select the 'Open File' option.
Step 4
Once the Open window has appeared, click the 'Browse' option near the white line located on the top portion of the program dialogue. This will make a new window to appear. Navigate your system using this window to find the BIN/CUE file that you want to watch. Once you have found your BIN/CUE file, select it by left-clicking the file with your mouse. Afterwards, click 'OK'. The BIN/CUE video will automatically start playing on the screen.
Step 5
If you are unable to play BIN/CUE video files using a VLC player, you can also play it using the Windows Media Player Classic program. The Windows Media Player Classic also supports the BIN/CUE file format and will automatically show any BIN or CUE files on your local hard drive in its window. Like the VLC media player, the Media Player Classic can be downloaded from download websites free of charge.
Step 6
Another option for playing BIN/CUE files is by burning it into a CD. Simply load the BIN/CUE file as a disc image on a disc burning software, burn the data onto the disc and play it on a DVD or VCD player.