How to Properly Dispose of Old Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computers are made from a variety of materials and some of these materials are toxic to the environment. The disposal of old computers has become a serious environmental issue and due to the proliferation of cheap computers in the late 90’s, these old computers have found their way in landfills. These improperly disposed computers poison the environment by seeping through the soil in landfills. The problems of the rising amount and the environmental danger of unused or scrapped electronic equipment and computers are now known as e-waste. Today, e-waste disposal is not as simple as before; the government, environmental agencies and organizations and some leading computer and electronic equipment producers have implemented a number of ways to assist in the disposal of e-waste.

Materials Needed:
- Computer to be disposed
- Internet connection (optional)
Step 1
Before planning to dispose your old computer, make sure that all important data and files have been backed up. After backing up the files, delete them from the computer as some components of the computer may be reused and other people may gain access to the information found on the computer and use them for their own benefit.
Step 2
Inspect computer to be disposed. Check whether some of the old computer components are still reusable, resalable, and recyclable. Usable or resalable components may be sold through websites that specialize in computer part sales. Computer parts may also be sold to local computer and electronic surplus shops.
Step 3
Check within the community for recycling centers. Some communities have established collection points or recycling centers. These centers dispose the old computers through proper ways by incinerating them or donating them for use in other countries. Contact them through community center ads, websites, or newspaper announcements.
Step 4
Contact the computer supplier. Most computer suppliers would assist in recycling or in disposing old computers by either destroying them or donating them to educational or social foundations. Some suppliers may charge a recycling fee for the old computer or computer parts and will assist in disposing it. Also, the website for the company where the computer was bought may contain details regarding the proper disposal of old computers.
Step 5
Search through the Web for agencies, foundations or groups, which accept old computers. Browsing through the Web can give ideas where exactly old computers may be disposed. Take note that some sites offer free disposal of old computers by either donating them or by reselling them.