How to change ipod name

Level of difficulty: Easy

The reason to change a name on an I- pod can be due to the change in ownership of the I pod, a prior spelling mistake or an individual’s like or dislike. For instance, an owner would like to display his or her name on the I pod, it gives a sense of security and pride.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
To do so, if you already have I tunes, it would have to be initiated, with the I pod attached to a docking cable, but if you don’t have I tunes, and then you need to download it from the internet. This is a very simple task; you can download it by following the instructions given.
Step 2
You will see on the left hand side of the I tunes music player window a column called the Device Manager. Click on the arrow near the device manager which will then expand to a drop down menu and will make all the devices connected to the I tunes visible.
Step 3
You will find the I pod under the Device Manager. The name which is already existing will be displayed on the screen of the I pod.
Step 4
Highlight the name by using the left click of the mouse, wait for a few seconds, then double click on the highlighted name, your I pod will then be on the edit mode. You then have to write your name or the name you desire on your I pod and then press enter. This will synchronize the I pod and the new name will be assigned.
Step 5
You can use this method several times and as long as you want to keep changing the names on the I pod.
Step 6
Always remember that if you want to change the name of the I pod, then it can be done with a computer which is compatible with the I tunes music software.