How to convert vhs to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

DVDs are longer lasting than Video Home System as there are chances of the old tapes getting destroyed with time. So to conserve those very special videos, convert VHS to DVDs, you can do it by yourself which is very easy to implement and also inexpensive.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
By using an analog to DVD converter, encode it to MPEG 2 and write a DVD, this process is time taking but at the same time, you will get the chance to edit the video by adding special effects, music, transitions, etc. This will consume several hours of your time and takes a lot of work.
Step 2
Use a camcorder to a DVD recorder as it works just like a VCR. This converter gives you an exact copy of the tape that you have but there is not flexibility regarding menus, chapter settings, and no editing of any kind can be done.
Step 3
Use hardware capture devices that will convert the VHS to MPEG 2, then burn it. If the video is one hour long, it same amount of time to burn. However, with this converter, you can edit by cuts only. If you do not require any editing done, then use this method. The quality of hardware capture devices will be good and it is not expensive.
Step 4
Use the service of VHS to DVD conversion by paying them to do it for you. This is the easiest option for you, if you want the exact version of the tape, you will get it and even if you want editing done, with combined footage from multiple tapes and custom movies, these services do it for you for a price.
Step 5
Before you start editing or converting, clean the tape heads of the device. Old tapes collect a lot of dust over a period of time, which makes the pictures smudgy and can also spoil the tapes. Turn down the sharpness control of the VHS VCR it will make encoding better and give a softer picture, make the sharpness less.
Step 6
Before you start converting VHS to DVD, edit the analog video, adjust the color, change brightness and contrast levels. By doing this, you will get a DVD which will look better than the original one.