How to copy dvds

Level of difficulty: Easy

A DVD is an optical disk storage medium from which you can read data and also to which data is written by lasers. The DVDs resemble the compact discs as their physical dimensions are the same, but they are encoded in a different format and at a much higher density. The DVDs can store much more data – upto 17 GB- 25 times over the magnetic media like floppies or hard disks. The digital video disks are best suited for copying movies of your choice after downloading them from the internet. The advantages of DVDs are therefore self-evident – a huge storage capacity that enables users to archive large amount of data on a single, lightweight, removable, reliable and easily transportable medium. But it is a true fact that CDs and DVDs are prone to scratches. Now if you are prevented from using a DVD having important information, you will be in deep trouble. That is why, in order to take you out of this pit hole situation, you must copy the DVDs.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Copying a DVD generally means creating a back up of the contents for your DVD. There are several reasons for copying a DVD. Creating a back up of your favorite movie DVDs is beneficial since making a copy is cheaper than re-buying a damaged original. Plus you can protect the sensitive data through the back up process and preserve them for years to come at the cost of few minutes from your busy schedule. Even the steps are not that hard. There are many free editing suites available in the market that is excellent for simple back ups- download one of them. Insert the DVD in the DVD drive and let it recognize the disc. From the program’s menu select the editing suite. From the list of drives, select the DVD drive and it will start analyzing the data. As soon as the analyzing and compressing the data is done by the program, go for the back up button to save all your audio, videos and other form of data in your computer’s hard disk.
Step 2
If multiple copies of a DVD are your need, then copying DVD is a must for you. DVD duplicator hardware is available in the market that can meet the same need but at the expense of a huge amount, where as the ripping process is all free. So, we should give it a shot and save our precious data as well as our precious money.