How to change router password

Level of difficulty: Easy

A router is a device that passes data information to its destination. You will need a router if you have a LAN and want it connected to the internet. It is very important to have network security and protect the hardware and all the information that is confidential. Since protecting your network hardware is of utmost importance, do so by changing your router password from the default one to one of your choice which will be private and inaccessible by others. Changing your router password every now and then will ensure complete safety to your personal information and hardware.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Open the internet browser, and in the address bar, type the address of the router and click to open it.
Step 2
The address of the router will be entered as most often 192. 168.1.1, do so after you have confirmed that it is the local networking address.
Step 3
Then click on the user name and password, and press and enter, a set up page will be displayed, scroll through it and there will be an option where it is written change password, click on that option. It will ask you for the old password write that out and then change it to a new password.
Step 4
While picking a password, make sure you use more that 8 characters both with lower case and upper case letters and in some cases, you are also allowed to use special letters just to make sure that hackers don’t hack your password.
Step 5
Pick a name that will not match with any dictionary and which does not signify any special date.
Step 6
When you enter the old password you will be asked to enter the new password twice, it is done so to confirm that there is no mistake in the new password, so type in the password correctly both times.
Step 7
If you have a sharp memory, no need of writing the new password, that could fall into anyone’s hands but if you think you may forget the new password, then its better to write it down for your convenience, the password is to be shared with no one for your safety.
Step 8
After changing the password, you can log off the router.
Step 9
To confirm that the new password is active, log in again to the router through the internet address bar, type in the new password and if you log in, it means you have succeeded in changing it.