How to Set Up a Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A router is a networking tool used to transmit data. This is one of the devices needed by a user to connect to the Internet. A wireless router also allows you to access the World Wide Web from anywhere on your house with a signal. This makes it more convenient to use your laptop or desktop computer. You can work anywhere without being restricted by an Internet cable.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Wireless Internet router
- Modem
- installation disc for the router
- Internet connection (cable or DSL)
Step 1
Check if your cable or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is connected to your computer. Disconnect the cable if it is connected. Also, disconnect the cable or DSL modem from the power source.
Step 2
Connect the network cable top at the back of your wireless router. The port is usually labeled as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network).
Step 3
Connect the cable of the modem to the power source. Wait for a few seconds to establish a connection. This is signaled by blinking lights on the modem. Turn on the wireless router once a connection has been established.
Step 4
Wait for a few seconds for the wireless router to have a successful connection. This is signaled by a light on the WLAN or WAN.
Step 5
Get the installation disc that comes with the wireless router. Put the installation disc on the CD drive and wait for a prompt on the screen. Follow the installation instructions.
Step 6
The installation CD for the wireless router also guides you to make some changes on the settings of the wireless router. Configure the settings to protect your wireless network from being accessed by other people.
Step 7
Set up a password for your wireless network connection. This password can be a combination of numbers and letters. Remember the password as it is the one going to be used to connect to the wireless network. Save the settings that you have made.
Step 8
Connect to the wireless network by clicking on the 'Wireless Network Connection' icon on the system tray. Choose your network connection from the window that appears. Click 'Connect'.
Step 9
Provide the password on the prompt window that will appear on the screen. Wait for a connection to the wireless network to be established.
Step 10
Test to see if the wireless network is working properly. Open a Web browser window and see if you can already access a website.