How to Burn MP4 Files to DVD

Level of difficulty: Easy

Burning your favorite MP4 file onto a DVD is a great way to make copies of it in a compact storage form while still retaining its high quality. Whether it is a short documentary or the home video you have from your latest family vacation, burning your MP4 video into a DVD will help keep those memories for years to come. However, you will need some specialized equipment in order to place those MP4 videos of yours into a DVD.

Materials Needed:
- DVD burner
- DVD burning software
- blank DVD
Step 1
Before burning your MP4 into a DVD, your computer must first have a DVD burner. You also need to have DVD burning software installed on the computer in order for it to work. Disc burning software applications such as Nero Burning ROM and Roxio are usually bundled with DVD burners, but you can also purchase one at computer stores or download free burning programs online. In addition, you will also need a couple of blank DVDs. These resemble ordinary CDs but have bright blue or violet undersides and have the DVD logo imprinted on them.
Step 2
Once you have the necessary requirements, push the Eject button on the DVD burner and place the DVD on the tray. Make sure that the DVD is placed evenly on the tray to prevent it from getting snagged on the burner’s closing mechanism.
Step 3
Once the blank DVD has been inserted into the DVD burner, the computer will prompt you to open the DVD burning software. If this does not happen, open the program manually.
Step 4
You have two options for burning your MP4 into your DVD. You can have it either as a data DVD or a DVD Video. As a data DVD, your MP4 will be burned onto the disc as it is, allowing you to copy it in another computer or edit it with a digital video editing program. If you choose to burn it as a DVD Video, your MP4 will be converted into a format which allows it to be played on standard DVD players. You can also watch it on a computer with DVD playback software, but you will no longer be able to copy or edit the video on the disc.
Step 5
Once you have selected your disc burning options, add the MP4 file that you want to be burned onto the disc. You can either drag and drop the MP4 file onto the disc burning program’s interface or use a browser provided by the program. When you have selected the MP4 files you want to burn, click the Burn button.
Step 6
Wait for a few minutes for the disc burning to be completed. The duration of the burning process can last for a few minutes to half an hour depending on the computer’s performance and the size of the MP4 that is being written onto the disc. Once it has been completed, the DVD burner will automatically eject the burned DVD.