How to Make a Desktop Slideshow

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you want to view all the pictures in your computer folders into a slide show presentation, then you can create a desktop slideshow. Creating a desktop slideshow is fun and easy, making it possible for you to see all your pictures in your computer display in a one of a kind presentation. You do not have to browse through your My Picture album anymore. If you want to share your digital pictures with your family and friends, this is the best way to show all your pictures.

Materials Needed:
- Desktop SlideShow Application
- computer mouse
Step 1
The first step is to download and install a version of the Slideshow Desktop Application. This is the program that you will use to create the slideshow. The program can be downloaded for free for a 14-day trial period. The program including all its great features can be used to its full extent for 14 days. A user is not required to type in any personal or financial information to be able to download the application.
Step 2
Once you have downloaded it, run the executable file and follow the instructions on the screen for installation. An installation wizard that will guide you throughout the process will appear. All you have to do is click 'Next' without altering any of the available options.
Step 3
Open the program and click 'Evaluate' to start the free trial of the application. Locate the pictures that you want to appear on the slideshow for your desktop. You can check the file path of a picture by right clicking on the photo and selecting 'Properties'. Next to Location is the file path of the picture. Follow the path in the program to locate all your pictures. When you have found your photos, right click on the picture and choose 'Add to Slideshow'.
Step 4
You can try to tinker with all the available options in creating the slideshow. You can set the interval with every slide change, change the orientation of pictures, or change their file names.
Step 5
After you have chosen all the pictures you like, click 'File' then choose 'Save Slideshow'.
Step 6
To play your saved slideshow, the actual program has to be kept running. If you want it to just run hidden in the background all you have to do is click on the minimize button.
Step 7
To load a slide show, open the program, click 'File', and then select 'Open Slide Show'. A list of the saved files will appear. Choose slide show, then click 'Play'.