How to clear web history

Level of difficulty: Easy

A web browser is said to be a client program which is accepting the request from the client, sending it back to the server and bringing back the response to the client. The World Wide Web is a search tool and cluster of many accessible websites through the global network. It provides access to many of the services available on the internet. They help in accessing the linked documents and navigate between them easily. It is prepared with the intention of helping people in sharing information resources with the largest community of users. While searching the internet, tracks are left on the computer. The web browser automatically records the web pages that have been visited by us. Most of us just take it lightly and ignore it. But the real thing is that these tracks can prove to be very dangerous for us in future. These tracks can be used by hackers and your privacy can be in deep jeopardy. That is why, to protect our privacy, deleting the web history is a must. All of us are aware of the popularity of cyber café. With the increase in use of the internet, there are large numbers of cyber cafes available in our locality, with innumerable users sharing a computer from time to time. So, can you create cover to your web visits and make sure that nobody can snoop and track where you have been on the internet- yes of course. Clearing web history is the perfect and simple solution to this problem.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
From the control panel, move to the internet options. Go for the history box from which you have the chance of clearing the history.
Step 2
On selecting the option of clearing history, you will be asked for the final consent.
Step 3
On providing the consent, it will start the clearing process and very soon your web history gets deleted.
Step 4
One thing that needs a special mention is that the general tab has to be selected while carrying out this process.
Step 5
Whenever we go through an interesting web page and want to view it again and again, the history list provides us the helping hand. But the negatives for the history list are more than its positives. Thus, it is better to delete them from time to time and ensure a safe web browsing.