How to build a media center pc

Level of difficulty: Easy

Media Center PCs are DVD players, which has Internet access and has hard drive space. It has a TV card, with a cable coax in, with a TV tuner card added to it. If you are building a media center PC, you will want to connect a TV to it with the right set of cables, converters and connectors which should do the job.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware
Step 1
Invest money in a graphics card or buy an expensive TV, which will enhance the quality.
Step 2
Use a TV, which has a coax in it, and if you don’t have it, then get a matching transformer that will connect to the TV where the antenna is connected. These are pretty cheap and if you have RCA on your TV or Video and RCA is present in the graphics card then you are nearly set.
Step 3
If the TV which you own is a non digital one then you will see that the DVDs and videos look good but Windows will not be so clear, creating a blur. It happens because it is designed such a way that it runs giving a higher resolution, which older TVs can give. You don’t have to spend too much on the sound card, as the computer sound might be good enough.
Step 4
If you do feel that you need a new sound card, don’t go in for the expensive one, an ordinary one will work just fine and also support surround sound.
Step 5
Use computer speakers to get nominal sound but if you want it loud and to blast, then you can hook up the media center to a stereo and it can be done in various ways.
Step 6
Now since all the components are present, what you would finally want to control is the media center.
Step 7
Most people don’t like to mess about with the TV but some people would rather hook up a keyboard and a mouse. To set up a place for the keyboard and the mouse is quite a worrisome job.
Step 8
Most people rather prefer building a media center if they cannot afford cable, a wireless card can be installed in the media player. You will be able to access online videos which are mostly free and interesting.