How to charge a laptop battery

Level of difficulty: Easy

Laptop batteries last for a maximum of 2 to 3 years and about 1,000 charges. All laptops have a built in battery within it so that it doesn’t have to be attached to an outlet for charging while you are working on it. But you need to charge the battery every couple of hours as the longevity of these batteries last up to two hours maximum. So for your laptop to give you uninterrupted performance, charge it every two hours.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
To make your battery give you complete usage and make it last longer this is what you do. Keep it in a cool place, that will prolong its life span.
Step 2
Charge the battery when it is fully down, charging it when it is on 0 level to full charge will give you more battery load, if you charge the battery while it still has life in it, say about halfway, then it will not work for as long as 2 hours.
Step 3
A good idea is to keep the laptop adapter attached to it as it will give your laptop power to work even if the battery is fully low. It gives the battery more power to carry on.
Step 4
If you want your laptop battery to charge fully and faster, switch off your laptop while it is charging. An indicator like an icon will appear on your laptop screen which will indicate that your battery is charging. When the charging is over, you will get the indication of a full battery on your screen. Then you can switch on your laptop.
Step 5
You can monitor the progress of the battery charge on your screen. You can get to know this from the indicator as to how much of the battery has been charged. Your battery level can be ascertained by an icon to show you exactly how much of charge you have. Right click of the mouse will tell you the battery output.
Step 6
When your laptop battery has been fully charged, remove the adaptor from it as it will lead to overcharge. This will result in spoiling the battery output.
Step 7
If you are not using the battery and keeping it on constant charge, the life of the battery will shorten. So charge it once a month if unused, that will keep it safe. It is a misconception that if a battery is not used, it will last longer.