How to Advertise on the Internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Internet is widely classified as a world in its own. This is comparable to the physical world with various parallels in terms of how to relate with other online users including rules and guidelines on how to convey messages across this vast network of computer systems. Just like in the physical world, there are various methods that can be used in implementing advertising contents that may or may not adhere to commonly accepted online etiquette. Since the Internet reaches out to more households and business enterprises than any available medium so far, it is but practical for businesses to make sure that their products gain substantial share of this market with the least cost but maximum exposure. The following are some of the more acceptable ways of implementing Internet-based advertising which are founded on currently available technology.

Materials Needed:
- Web browser
- Internet connection
- computer
- video presentation
- advertising Web page
Step 1
Like other marketing strategies, start by outlining a basic advertising concept on the message that your product will deliver to the millions of Internet users. In this process, conventional method like storyboard presentations may be used.
Step 2
Once the basic advertising layout has been completed, one of the most basic ways to advertise on the Internet is to use search engine optimization technology. It means that when users conduct online queries, they are most often than not directed to your website. This is normally done by creating unique description and title tags in conjunction with expertly written contents.
Step 3
Another acceptable way of implementing Internet advertising is the linking with topical sites. This is commonly achieved by undertaking an agreement with the targeted site that they will host your link and you will do the same to reach a mutually advantageous structure. These sites are frequented by Internet users primarily for their rich contents.
Step 4
In recent years, Pay per Click Internet advertising has gained popularity. These types of websites operate on the premise that the Internet user receives something in return for his continuous and regular efforts to visit supported Web pages that cater to products and services. As the term suggests, the advertiser will pay the Internet user a small financial value for visiting his website. This is commonly done to generate more traffic to the site in the hope of arousing curiosity from other Internet users and advertisers as well.
Step 5
Purchasing Media which is similar to the Pay per Click format is another alternative. In this scenario, the host offers the advertiser a wide range of services that would fit his advertising budget. In return, the advertiser’s products or services form part of a contextual advertising network that will reach more computer users.
Step 6
Since almost everyone is already using electronic mailing as a form of communication, it may also be used as a viable form of Internet advertising. This format allows the business to send emails about their products, services, promotions, and other specials based on a compiled list of email addresses that may have been acquired through various sources. In resorting to this option, the recipient must have the ability to request that he be removed from the mailing list; otherwise, it may be construed as illegal or spam mail.
Step 7
Another way to use email technology is to take advantage of signature files. The signature file is a type of footer message sent out together with the email message. This file may contain various contents like email address, website, company name, or even a short sales pitch that will arouse the interest of the reader. This is very effective because majority of forwarded email messages retain the source which means that each time your message is forwarded, the same will happen to your signature file.
Step 8
Electronic magazines or ezines is also gaining popularity in the Internet world. These types of formats allow their subscribers to place free advertisements which will be delivered to other readers of the ezine. Similar to hard copy magazines, the bigger the readership, the more computer users will be reached by the advertisement.
Step 9
For those who prefer a more technically savvy approach to advertising, online video is the way to go. With the proliferation of social networking sites as well as online video hosting facilities like YouTube, any business enterprise can upload their own advertising videos and make it available to every online user. When used properly, this can fuel their sales. The key to this advertising tactic is to keep the contents interesting and buzz-worthy to generate multitudes of hits.