How to clean a cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Sometimes, the CD we put in to our computer does not work properly, it gives trouble while playing. When this is the case, it is an indicator that either the CD is seriously damaged or it requires quick cleaning. So, it becomes important to know how to clean the CD and moreover, it is an essential element for disk maintenance. It becomes quite difficult to play a CD especially the rented ones. CD can be played easily after quick cleaning. With cleaning, one would also get the surety that dust will not affect DVD or CD player. It also becomes crucial to clean the CD when we need the CD to read data. An unclean CD corrupts the reliability of data.

Materials Needed:
- Lint free cloth
- alcohol or cleaning solution
Step 1
Most of the times CD’s require quick dusting only. CD’s can quickly be cleaned by using a soft dry cotton cloth or a lint free cloth. One needs to hold the CD in pincer through the edge and other finger in the hole (in middle of CD). Make sure that the shiny portion is not touched. Move the cloth gently radially from middle to outwards. One should not run or rub the cloth in the circular motions. (Also make sure not to follow the circular lines on Disc).
Step 2
If one still finds the CD to be untidy it indicates that the CD requires more efforts to clean. There are many cleaning solutions available in the market for cleaning DVD’s and CD’s. These solutions are chemical formulas however; if one does not wish to use solutions available in market then the home based solutions can also be used. Alcohol is the best cleaning solution. (One can also use the mild soap and warm water). Avoid using heavy cleaning solvents on the CD as it can damage the CD.
Step 3
Put a few drops of cleaning solution on a lint free cloth and move the cloth radially. Wipe off the excess liquid material. Do not put the wet disc in packing until it’s dry. Allow the CD to dry naturally before it is put in the packing. When the disc is cleaned with cleaning solution or alcohol; then CD dries very quickly.
Step 4
Sometimes a CD does not work properly even after thorough cleaning is done and this may be because of the scratches on the disc. Few companies have products which are meant to resurface the CD’s (smoothing out the scratches so that it can be played easily).