How to Remove Old Wallpaper

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computer wallpaper is the background image on your desktop. This image can be changed to suit your mood. Your own pictures can be placed as the wallpaper. You can also download different images from the Internet to set as your desktop wallpaper background. Removing or changing the wallpaper of your computer is an easy task that will take only a few minutes.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
Step 1
To remove the wallpaper on your desktop, you need to access the 'Display Properties' window. The 'Display Properties' window contains all the options and settings for the desktop. To access this window, right click on an empty space on the desktop and choose 'Properties' and the window should appear.
Step 2
You can also access the 'Display Properties' window by clicking on the 'Start' button on the lower left part of your desktop. Choose 'Control Panel' from the menu. Another window will appear. On the 'Control Panel' window, choose the icon labeled 'Display Properties'.
Step 3
On the 'Display Properties' window, there are several tabs for the appearance of the desktop. Click on the tab labeled 'Desktop'.
Step 4
Locate the window labeled 'Background'. This is located under the image of the computer monitor. If you want to remove the current desktop wallpaper, click 'None' on the list. This option is usually located on top of the list.
Step 5
Click on the 'Apply' button. Wait for the computer to make the necessary changes to your desktop. This usually takes only a few seconds. Click on the 'Ok' button and exit the window. The wallpaper has now been removed.
Step 6
You can also customize the desktop background and choose a different color for the background. To do this, access the 'Display Properties' window by following Step 1 or Step 2.
Step 7
Select the 'Desktop' tab on the window. There is an option on the window labeled 'Color'. Click on the arrow and a color palette will appear. Choose the color that you want your desktop background to be. You can also click on the 'Other' button on the palette to choose a more specific hue.
Step 8
After choosing the color that you want, click on the 'Apply' button and wait for the computer to make the changes. Click the 'Ok' button and close the window. The color of the desktop background has now been changed.