How to burn dvd movies

Level of difficulty: Easy

The first thing that comes in our mind while thinking about taking a break from our busy schedule is chilling out with friends and watching good movies. But the major problem that most of us face is lost discs and scratches on our prized possession of movie discs. So is there any solution to it- of course. Burn DVD movies. We can make a copy of all those DVD movies and stop worrying about the problems. The process of burning DVD movies is very simple and takes only a few steps to complete the entire process. All that is needed is the DVD burning software and a DVD drive.

Materials Needed:
- DVD burning software and a DVD drive.
Step 1
To burn DVD movies, it is to be made sure that you have a DVD drive capable of writing. There are many burning software available in the market. Just decide which one is your preference and install it on your PC.
Step 2
Insert a blank DVD- be it writable or rewritable. Move to 'all programs' from the start menu. Select the option 'burn a DVD' from the installed software.
Step 3
From the pull down menu at the top, select 'DVD'. On clicking the 'Data' icon, choices will appear.
Step 4
Choose 'Make Data DVD' and a window will open allowing you to add the movie files. Locate the movie file and click 'finish'.
Step 5
Set the speed for burning the DVD in the writing speed field.
Step 6
Press 'burn' and it starts burning. A full DVD takes less than half an hour to complete the burning process. On completion, you will be notified by a pop-up box and the DVD tray opens up revealing the DVD disc.
Step 7
DVD recorders now come as a standard component on recent model computers. The DVD burners have come down in price dramatically in the last two years, while their features have similarly increased. If your computer does not already have one, add an internal one or attach an external one which is portable too. There are many legal and free movies that can be downloaded from the internet. Bit Torrent is one such program through which we can download movie files and with the help of DVD flick we can put those files on a DVD. The creation of DVD is no longer in the hands of big business and today, most computers are pre-equipped with software allowing everyone to create a DVD. So, download the current movies from internet, avail the opportunity of burning it on DVDs and enjoy it on your home theatres.