How to Setup Firewall on Router

Level of difficulty: Difficult

A firewall is used to protect a building or area against fire from outside or within. The term firewall now denotes a component or set of components that restrict access, protects, and filters the content passing through a protected network from the Internet. Firewalls can protect a network by screening out harmful files or data from within or outside and prevent its clients from accessing prohibited or harmful websites. The use of a firewall on a router is possible. A number of different router brands or designs like the Netopia collection of routers have options on setting up a basic firewall. A router is a device that diverts or routes information along a specified network.

Materials Needed:
- Router
- Computer
Step 1
Choose a router best suited for the computer. There are different types of firewalls that suit different kinds of computers and routers that cater to a user’s specific needs.
Step 2
It is a must to understand a basic firewall. Most routers incorporate a pre-configured basic firewall sufficient for most common needs. This basic firewall is generally adequate to protect the network while allowing the clients of the network appropriate access to be productive. Some users have specific needs that require an advanced degree of customized firewall configuration. Because of this, a router sometimes includes a filter set editor that can make a custom firewall set suitable to answering the specific needs of individual users.
Step 3
To further understand a firewall, some firewall terms must be defined. A host is a computer unit on a network. A packet is a unit of communication on the network and is filtered by packet filters. Packet filters allow or deny packets depending on source or destination IP addresses, the TCP ACK bit or TCP, or UDP ports. The port is a number that defines a particular type of service. The filter rule is a filter set comprised of individual filter rules while a filter set is a group of individual filter rules.
Step 4
Set up a basic firewall on your router. Usually, a firewall is activated by accessing the 'Connection Profile' option on the 'Quick Menus'. Change Connection Profiles into 'IP Profile Parameters then 'Filter Set'. This basic firewall will allow traffic originating from the Local Area Network (LAN) to move out and prevent traffic from moving in unless requested by the LAN. You may also check your Router User’s Manual for additional details not found here.
Step 5
Configure your basic firewall according your preference.