How to be a web designer

Level of difficulty: Easy

The thought of a web designer is exciting let alone being one. Web designing is an interesting field and many people are getting interested in this trend. To become a web designer, there are several requirements that you have to fulfill.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Firstly, you will require a computer at your disposal, an Apple Macintosh being a preferred one. You need an earlier version of Adobe Photoshop. Along with it, an authenticated package for some multimedia technology with a catchy name. And for people who are not familiar with HTML, an earlier edition of the book. Now all you need is the confidence over your own capabilities.
Step 2
Publishing is required on the web, so make a rough layout of your site. If you are not sure what you are going to name it or what content it is going to have, it doesn’t matter as that can be updated later. HTML is used for layout and graphic designing. The main concept of it is the image, recognized by the tag ‘< >’. Sketch out a rough design on paper like you would to make an advertisement you lay out your site.
Step 3
The color combination is your choice, preferably use primary colors and if they clash, you can add flashing lights and tone down the colors. Then go to Photoshop and make a new large image and if necessary, scan it, don’t let the small irritating technical bits worry you at all at this stage. Ignore people who say things such as limited bandwidth, or 256 color display, modem, etc.
Step 4
Use clip art CD to take ideas of a design, so no need of drawing. Buy the one which has millions of photographs for a cheap price, giving you a wide choice to pick from. A site is always best designed if it is alpha blended. Next, add the content by using the Text tool in Photoshop. Get someone to write your content for your web page. Make sure the content is not too much otherwise you will have to end up using small fonts. Use a rare type font so your site stands out.
Step 5
Make may copies of the image of the page. To turn the images into web pages, save the images as CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format files. Then find a programmer who will turn your pages into web pages and post them on the web. Now you can go ahead with designing.