How to create flash website

Level of difficulty: Easy

To create flash website, all you have to do is follow few instructions in a set manner and within a short time, you will have created a flash website.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First, go to Properties Inspector for a new Flash movie, set the dimensions to 600x400px, make the background white color, and set frame rate to 12 fps. Now create four layers and call them content, buttons, action and background.
Step 2
To load the movie, click on the name of the layer labeled content, for the second frame, do a right click, press on 'Insert Frame' button. Using the Text Tool, write the word loading on the screen. When its over, change the size and font with the help of Properties Inspector. Place the word in the center of the scene, use Align Panel, Control + K.
Step 3
Now right click on the second frame which is labeled Actions, select 'This time insert Keyframe'. Right click this again and select Actions to open it. To finish the preloader, the code has to be pasted.
Step 4
First the background, for this click on the name of the first layer, then right click the third frame on the background layer, go to 'Insert Keyframe' command and click. Now for the background image, this has to be saved on the desktop. Go to Files, import, import to stage and select the image you want. To get to any part of the text, assign an URL.
Step 5
To add the actual buttons, use the button component, do this: Windows>Components. Assign a name to the button to control it with the help of ActionScript.
Step 6
Now that all the elements are present, you need to write the command codes so that you can go to the specific place when the code is clicked. You need to right click the third frame in the layer which is labeled Actions. Go to 'Insert Blank Keyframe' command and select.
Step 7
After that is done, you have a new keyframe , do a right click on that frame and select Action, it opens up the Actions panel.
Step 8
All you do is paste the codes in the Action panel.