How to Use Microsoft Excel

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Microsoft Excel enables users to create professional looking charts and spreadsheets. It performs several formulas and functions to facilitate users in their projects. The steps provided will aid users in getting started with Microsoft Excel 2000.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Excel
- Windows Operating System
Step 1
To use Microsoft Excel 2000, double click on its icon either on the desktop or by clicking on the 'Start' button, then 'Programs' and double clicking on the 'Microsoft Excel' icon.
Step 2
The application will then be launched with a blank workbook that has three sheets, which can be utilized in several ways. The worksheets are all the same and they are all composed of a grid that has 256 columns that are labeled A-IV. At each number row and lettered column’s junction is a cell where text, formulas and numbers must be inputted. Excel has great attributes for creating diagrams, charts and series of data.
Step 3
On top of the sheet right below the formatting bar is a title box that will indicate which cell has been currently chosen. Once you have familiarized yourself with the use of worksheets, you can then carry out more complex actions in Microsoft Excel 2000. You can create a formula, insert a chart, add shadings and borders to cells, import data, insert shapes and more.
Step 4
It is even simpler and easier to obtain refreshable data from the Internet into Microsoft Excel 2000 for analysis or for viewing. Users can make use of Microsoft Excel 2000’s browser-like interface to choose tables on Web pages for import or to copy information from a webpage and make a refreshable query.
Step 5
Users can customize Microsoft Excel 2000 and change what they see on their screen. This application provides users with options to (1) arrange icons in the application window; (2) modify the screen resolution; (3) exhibit all windows on the desktop; (4) display toolbars (both standard; (5) show all commands and buttons and (6) hide or show multiple application icons on the taskbar.
Step 6
Users can also utilize Microsoft Excel 2000 in moving or copying information between applications. This application can also help users in creating and formatting tables in their documents. It is very useful in creating tables that have powerful searching and sorting capabilities and tables that include statistical analysis, charts or graphs and complex calculations.