How to blog

Level of difficulty: Easy

A blog is an important and popular form of website usually containing pages, allowing us to import text links, advertisements and many other things effective for us. One knowing the perfect use of a blog can make it the most precious tool in use and we can create as many we wish. The blog helps in setting up our authorized links and pictures all over our blog, and that too at a price that is just almost no cost if compared to the benefits derived from it. Today we can create and host our own websites at literally no cost to us and can generate money, online. There is one thing that will probably wonder you is how to blog effectively and fulfilling the dream of millions blogging. There are thousands of blogs being created everyday and the most important part is that the steps are very simple to make your blog stand out.

Materials Needed:
- a personal domain name.
Step 1
The first thing is to own a personal domain name. There are lots of free blogging platforms that will provide you a blog domain- also called a subdomain. If you have your own domain name, you have to pay for your hosting but will provide a lot more freedom and options.
Step 2
Select the subject that you will be blogging about everyday. Picking the niche or the subject is one of most decisive task in the entire step. It is difficult to find an audience who is interested in more than one subject. So all you need is to have a proper look into the taste and preference of the readers. Plus, you need to possess a thorough knowledge regarding the subject for making your post on a regular basis.
Step 3
Update the software often and make sure to have a back up of your blog.
Step 4
Use advertising as less as possible or it might look like a spam blog and people will refuse to return to visit your site. Since the service is free, it is often used by spammers and has a bad reputation among other bloggers and potential advertisers.
Step 5
Last but not the least is developing a good network. Choose bloggers who genuinely like to read. Link to them and you will make friends. Plus there will be a probability of them returning the favour.Just these small steps and you can avail the opportunity of blogging.