How to block web pages

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to limit access to your internet? Are you willing to block some specific webpages? Here are some steps to guide you. There are number of techniques for blocking webpages. Some are used by people who want to block spammers, while the others are used by parents who want to restrict their children from accessing some webpages which they think might be harmful.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
Software might be purchased for doing this. However, there are free and easy ways of blocking webpages. If you want your Internet Explorer to limit access, go to Tools and select Internet Options. Now select the Content button and move to Content Advisor. You need to Enable Content Advisor. Click on the button and add a supervisor’s password. Do not skip providing a password or else anyone using the system can go to Internet Explorer and unblock webpages. Content Advisor gives you the chance to use settings in four areas: ratings, approved sites, general and advanced. Go onto ratings and approved sites for blocking webpages.
Step 2
Now you need to adjust the slider which is under ratings for violence, nudity, sex and language. You will get five choices that will range from 'None' to 'Explicit.' The ratings option can only be used for some pages which have many websites slipping under the radar. Now block specific websites by going into Content Advisor. Hit the Approved Sites tab to add a webpage. Now click Never to block the website and select OK.
Step 3
The host files stores information which has the option of blocking files. When using Content Advisor is not sufficient, use host file. Hit Start and Run. You need to type C:\Windows\System32drivers\etc\hosts in order to get the host commands from Windows XP. Now scroll to the bottom of the notepad window where you will get the line Press the enter key and then type the block command of For example, if you are willing to block Orkut, type
Step 4
Now add websites for blocking another webpage just by adding one number to the last number. For example, you need to type 127.0.02. As you are done, save the file and exit. You will be able to block all the unwanted web pages through this simple process. If you want to purchase some software for blocking webpages, you may try that as well. Software will give you a large number blocking options to choose from.