How to convert dvd to divx

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you are fond of movies and love to have a collection of all the DVDs, then have them saved on your hard drive. You might want to copy the DVD onto the hard drive and keep it in a zip file or store them in a more advanced compressed file. That too without compromising on the quality of the movie. Well, instead of doing so, there are other ways to save the DVDs. Convert them to DVIX format is it is the best codec and there is not much loss of quality. Install Xvid on the computer before to save time and avoid problems.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Download Simple DVIX software which is free. Then start the steps to convert DVD to DVIX.
Step 2
Select the VOB files which have the directory with burnt. If you are burning with information file, then select IFO. If not, then selected the all file key. Go to the main movie, select and make a note of the frame rate number.
Step 3
Next click on 'video' tab, go to video settings, and then make a selection of the frame rate. Click to use the Video Stream ID by using 0xE0. Click on 'Auto Retrieve' cropping and let the width be 640. The frame options should be left blank. Now you can preview the video.
Step 4
Move ahead and do a click on 'Create Audio'. Select 'Check Audio' and 'Deselect Extract All Audio'. Go where you will find options for languages that are available, select the one you prefer. For audio format choose AC3 which give best sound. But size might be a problem it might not fit into a CD_R. You can click on the Midnight Mode to make the audio normal and increase it by 100%.
Step 5
Choose the codec you would want to use, XVID is the best option and create a pass video file for that. Go to Advanced Settings and select 'Quarter Pixel'. The accuracy will be better. Click on the Pass option which you will see right down.
Step 6
Start the Enter Final Movie Size in the compression tab. If the movie is too big to fit into a single CD, then make two discs and make a choice of 1400 MB.
Step 7
Make subtitles by using VobSub. Give a name to the movie and create a temporary file on a location you want to keep it. Make a folder for the moviel. Delete the temporary files when it is over. If you are converting more than a single movie, then use Batch Settings. Whatever changes you make don't forget to Click the Modify option.