How to Use Microsoft Word

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Microsoft Word application is a word processor. It allows a user to create different types of layouts for text-based documents. It is also part of the Microsoft Office suite. Other applications that are part of Microsoft Office include Access, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. The Microsoft Word application was first released in 1983. It runs on different kinds of platforms, such as Microsoft and Macintosh.

Materials Needed:
- Computer installed with Microsoft Word software
Step 1
Make sure that the Microsoft Word application is installed on the computer. Launch the application.
Step 2
Familiarize yourself with the interface of the application. The top of the window displays a Menu bar. This toolbar provides options and preferences for the text that is going to be typed on the text area. The toolbar shows menus for editing text, changing the view of the text, tables, and other tools. These menus can be clicked for a drop-down menu to appear. More preferences are available on the drop-down menu.
Step 3
Locate the Standard Toolbar on top of the window. The Standard Toolbar allows you to easily open a document, save the current work, check spelling and grammar, add graphs, and change the scale of the text by clicking on the icons provided.
Step 4
Locate the Formatting Toolbar. This toolbar is also usually found on top of the window. The Formatting Toolbar allows you to change the font, the size of the font, and the color of the font. The Formatting Toolbar also provides the option to italicize, bold, or underline text and also to change the alignment of the text. Other options are also available and can be accessed by pressing on the arrow that displays a drop-down menu for other settings.
Step 5
A ruler can be found under the toolbars. This ruler allows you to indent the text easily by sliding the arrows to the preferred measurement of indentation.
Step 6
To begin creating a text document, type on the white area under the ruler. A blinking cursor can be seen on the white area. The text typed will appear where the blinking cursor is located.
Step 7
Save your work by clicking on the diskette icon that can be found on the Standard Toolbar. Saving can also be done by clicking on 'File' on the Menu Bar. A drop-down menu will appear. Click the 'Save' option.
Step 8
Exit the Microsoft Word application by clicking on the 'X' icon on the upper right corner of the window. Exiting can also be done by clicking 'File' on the Menu Bar and choosing 'Exit' from the drop-down menu.