How to Remove Spyware in your Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Prevention is a key. Preventing spyware from being downloaded into your computer system is the best technique for getting rid of spyware. There are several good anti-spyware out there that may be set up in your computer to automatically scan for malware on a weekly or a daily basis. Software that steals the personal and sensitive information of users is referred to as spyware. They are capable of taking information about users’ computer activities and transmitting the data gathered to a third party for purposes that might include advertising. It is necessary to remove spyware from your computer system because of their intrusive nature and because they could also be detrimental to the system performance of your computer.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet connection
- Anti-spyware
Step 1
The removal of spyware from your computer requires the download and installation of an anti-spyware that is capable of detecting and removing them. There is a number of free anti-spyware on the Internet and among those reputed to be effective are HijackThis, Windows Defender and Spybot Search and Destroy. One could search for these anti-spyware on the Web and locate safe downloads.
Step 2
Upon installing the anti-spyware, you may be able to begin eliminating spyware from your system. But before doing so, make certain that you have made a backup of your most important data because data could be lost in the process in case of an accident or a misdiagnosis. Make sure that all the data that needs protection is safely tucked away somewhere besides the compromised hard drive.
Step 3
Once you have accomplished making a backup of your pertinent files, disengage your Internet connection and then reboot your computer system in the Safe Mode.
Step 4
When the computer is done booting in the Safe Mode, scan the computer by employing the downloaded anti-spyware application. You may eliminate the infected files and applications using either the anti-spyware program or by simply uninstalling them. Uninstalling applications involve using the uninstall programs utility in the computer system.
Step 5
To verify if the problem has been resolved, reboot the computer and then scan again. The usage of anti-spyware software frequently fixes the problem. But when the problem still persists, you would have to turn to measures that are deemed more drastic.
Step 6
In a worst case scenario, such solutions involve reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the Operating System. This should always be the last resort when you have attempted all the possible means a number of times and have asked for the help of a professional. As always, all pertinent information or data must have a backup and prepare yourself for the time-consuming process of reinstallation.