How to clear PC registry

Level of difficulty: Easy

Windows registry is a database that stores all the relevant files and folders required by users. However, users should avoid cluttering of unimportant data. It creates an unnecessary mess and slows down the entire system. Too much of information causes difficulties in downloading new data causing delays in work as well and the computer can get corrupted by numerous viruses that would in turn affect computer’s speed and efficiency. This causes a need to clear the registry on regular basis and prevent such instances in future. Regular clearing up of the registry helps in running the computer faster. Computer registry can easily be cleaned by using any software or manually with the help of registry editor. The process is simple to follow.

Materials Needed:
- One would need windows computer
- registry editor or software. If one wishes to use registry software
- he should have adequate money to purchase the software.
Step 1
First step requires users to create a backup for their registry. By doing this, users would not lose any relevant data that might get deleted accidentally. If users do not create backup for their registry, it would be really difficult for them to revive the lost data.
Step 2
Next step requires users to select 'Start' button that is placed at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
Step 3
Once users have clicked the 'Start' button in the desktop, they are then required to select 'Run'. When users click 'Run', a new command window pops out that asks for the required command from users.
Step 4
As soon as the command window opens up, users need to type in 'regedit', after which they are required to click 'OK' to proceed to next step.
Step 5
Once users have selected 'OK', a new window pops out which is the registry editor window. At the top of this registry editor window appears an option 'File' that users are required to select. Users are then required to click 'Export'. Users are required to name their registry file that they want to export and save the same to the desktop, thereby creating registry backup.
Step 6
There are various folders in the registry window. A plus sign appears next to the folders. Users are required to select that plus sign to expand the folder. After doing this, a folder appears that helps users in clearing their windows registry which is known as 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' folder.