How to copyright a website

Level of difficulty: Easy

A website is a collection of web pages, videos or images that are related to each other. The website is a very common terminology in World Wide Web. It refers to a particular location on the web. The multipage locations are referred to as sites. The web pages that represent the online home of their author are called the home pages. Home page can be more than one page. It is the collection of all the publicly accessible websites are known as the World Wide Web. There are different types of websites at your service on the basis of your requirement. You have community sites like Facebook or twitter, city site providing information about your city, news sites for dispensing news and many other types of sites that you can think of.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Generally, subscription has to be provided for accessing the business websites or some product or service websites. Infact, it is because of them that gathering information has become relatively easy. We can enrich our knowledge vastly and keep ourself up-to-date – courtesy of the websites. But there are certain websites like the blog contains research information. It is the owner of the blog who gave his heart out in carrying out the research, while someone making a copy of it for their own use is complete unjust to the original owner and that is why, to prevent such an awkward situation, you can opt for copyright. Copyright is an exclusive right empowered to the creator of the original work. It acts as a set of two rights- the right to license others to copy the work as well as to prevent others from copying the original work without consent. It is the copyright that protects the website’s artwork, text and other materials.
Step 2
The process of copyrighting a website involves a very few steps that can be easily carried out. From the copyright office’s websites, you can get a detailed explanation of how to execute steps of copyright. Fill up the application forms that are necessary. Forms vary for texts, pictures or audio visuals. Then send a copy of the work in printed form or in a computer disc along with the fees to the copywriter office’s website. Only these three steps can save your work from duplication. So, why not take the initiative today only. Let us take a leap forward towards protecting our hard work through copyright of the contents of the websites.