How to clean computer monitor

Level of difficulty: EASY

Output is anything that comes out of a computer. Monitor is the term for the display screen. The monitor is the output device that displays images and information produced by the computer. Having been connected to a device with TV tuner, monitor also acts as a television. The monitor is the most important part of the computer and with its non-functioning, the enthusiasm of computing becomes almost nil. A monitor has the best display resolution, making it easy to see the smaller letters and graphics on it. Be it playing games, watching a movie in your LCD monitor or surfing the net, the importance of monitor is unquestionable. But just think of sitting in front of your computer monitor that is covered with dust or finger prints- well that completely brings tears into my eyes. But we can easily preserve those tears for future use, simply by regular cleaning of the computer monitor. With increase in use of computers, the monitor has to endure a lot and very quickly we miss the shiny new look of our monitor. Keeping the computer monitor is simply just next to impossible. But cleaning the monitor regularly is the only practical solution left in our hand. A complete cleaning kit can be prepared right from the household ingredients. We can also opt for some ready made cleaning solutions available in the market at a price that takes proper care of your pocket.

Materials Needed:
- a soft and clean cloth
- cleaning solvent.
Step 1
The first thing is to turn off the monitor so that no awkward situation of short circuiting arises.
Step 2
After that, drip some cleaning solvent in a soft and clean cloth. Make sure not to spray the solvent directly on the monitor as it can leave a stain on the screen.
Step 3
Then wipe around the entire monitor and remove the dirt and smudges. The wiping process requires a very soft hand since too much pressure can damage the monitor.
Step 4
The dirt in the monitor takes a major role in providing a dull picture in front of us. Keeping the monitor clean helps in developing the picture quality and is much soothing and better for our eyes. If we can get a clear picture in lieu of a small time from our busy schedule, why not avail it. All I can say that a few minutes with little bit of cleaning job in return of a complete new shiny and glossy look to the monitor is just worth it.