How to check your ram

Level of difficulty: EASY

As you know that RAM (random access memory) is a temporary data which is stored on your computer. It works for the software as a main memory and helps the programs to run fast on the machine. If the memory is more on the RAM, then the computer does not need to use much of the hard drive. When the computer is on and active, then the information stored on the RAM is running, once the machine is shut down, then it disappears. If your RAM is not working well, you will get signs that will tell you so. You can check your RAM’s condition and memory by following simple steps.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
Start your computer and let Windows load.
Step 2
Once it has opened, click on the 'Start' button.
Step 3
From the menu, select 'Computer' and then go to 'System Properties' and click on it.
Step 4
Under the system section, you will find the 'RAM Memory' listing; it will be shown in megabytes and gigabytes. Now using this link, either convert gigabyte to megabyte or vice versa, that will show you exactly how much RAM you have stored on your computer.
Step 5
Now if you want the RAM tested to see if there are errors, you could do so. If you have bought a used computer and fear that it might crash due to errors, then test the memory which has been installed on your computer. Check to see whether your RAM is working properly or not. If your RAM is bad, it can lead to multiple problems and causes for it, like a blue screen, system wide glitches, etc.
Step 6
Follow these steps from a separate machine which works, that is if your machine is not working due to RAM disorder.
Step 7
Download MemTest86+, and transfer it as an unzip format to the desktop.
Step 8
Burn the file to a CD as an image file follow steps from how to burn an ISO file, it is very easy to do so.
Step 9
Sometimes faulty memory is the main cause of the computer not working properly. The memory should be checked out to see if it has been inserted properly into the memory slots. Count the number of bars and see if you have dual channel mode.