How to clear memory

Level of difficulty: Easy

In order to work, the computer needs some sort of brain. The memory is the major part of the computer that carries out the processing of data into information.. At times, it is also called data storage and performs the hierarchical function of retaining information. Without the adequate availability of memory, a computer can merely perform its operations and provide the output. On categorizing the memory, we have two main branches- primary memory and secondary memory. The integrated circuit, RAM and ROM falls under primary memory while the laser disk and hard disk are members of secondary memory. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fundamental components of a computer and just guess the amount of load that it has to suffer. The computers collects and stores a lot of data. In this process memory becomes full and your computer starts slowing down. Imagine that you are sitting in front of your computer that is taking a minute to open a file- so disgusting. But that is the real situation and for this, we have to opt for clearing the memory of our computer. Regarding cleaning of computer memory, one may feel that it is something out of this world. Actually, it is no rocket science and is very simple. There is no need for some special software or some computer expertise to carry out the cleaning.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
Before entering the main steps of cleaning, we need to have some sorting job. There are many temporary files and incomplete downloaded files and we have to clean them out and free up some valuable space. It is the most time consuming part of the cleaning process since it has been revealed that most of us are unaware of the huge number of broken and incomplete files present in our hard drive.
Step 2
From the control panel, remove the program that is no longer needed.
Step 3
Finally, we have to go for the main step of memory clean up. Select for accessories from the programs menu.
Step 4
Move for disk clean up from system tool. Within a minute’s time the memory clean up is complete and your memory gets redesigned.
Step 5
Cleaning up the memory improves the performance of the system extensively. Even defragmentation method is very effective to consolidate the files. So, stop neglecting the maintenance of your computer’s memory and keep it clean which is essential to retain a healthy computer system.