How to Configure a Linksys Broadband Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

In a computer environment, the main task associated with a router is the facilitating of broadband Internet connection sharing to as many as 254 simultaneous users that belong to a network structure. These networking devices are also equipped with a protection mechanism that protects the internal network from external threats by implementation of a security firewall using Network Address Translation (NAT) mechanism that effectively hides the internal IP addresses from computers on the Internet. Linksys Broadband Routers belong to a new generation of network support devices equipped with an easy setup wizard feature that allows the sharing of Internet connection almost instantaneously. In most cases, these routers are assigned with a corresponding IP address by the Internet Service Provider. This IP address allows it to connect to the Internet and distribute the connection to all client machines within its network.

Materials Needed:
- Ethernet cable
- computers
- Internet connection
- broadband modem
- Web browser
- Network Interface Card
Step 1
Prior to configuring the Linksys Broadband Router, it is necessary to contact the Internet Service Provider to get the type of connection, IP address used, and DNS address among others. After acquiring these types of data, the user can proceed to connecting to the router.
Step 2
Make sure that the Broadband Modem as well as the Broadband Router is turned off.
Step 3
Connect a standard Category 5 (CAT5) Ethernet cable from the DSL model to the WAN or Internet port of the router.
Step 4
Power up the DSL modem and let it acquire the signal from the ISP. Upon getting the DSL signal, turn on the Broadband Router. Make sure that the appropriate indicator light is lit up.
Step 5
Get another CAT5 Ethernet cable and connect one end to the Network Interface Card with the other end plugged into the port of the router. A corresponding indicator light will turn on to signal detection of the network client. Do this process for all wired clients.
Step 6
In one of the network client machines, open the Web browser and type the IP address in the address bar. This is the factory default IP address for a Linksys router. Check the product manual for verification.
Step 7
This will launch a logon screen. For first time configuration, leave the username field blank and type the word 'admin' in the password box. Do not include the quotation marks. Click on the OK button.
Step 8
The Web Administration Page will be displayed. This will allow the user to configure the router. Type the information acquired from the Internet Service Provider to their corresponding fields.
Step 9
Click on the 'Security' tab and define the type of Filter Settings to be used by clicking on the corresponding button options.
Step 10
Click the 'Administration' tab. Type a new router password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Web Administration Page.
Step 11
Click on the 'Save Settings' button to apply the changes. Click on the 'Firmware Upgrade' tab to check for updates for the hardware.
Step 12
After completion of the process, power down the router for about 30 seconds prior to turning it on again.
Step 13
Restart the computer system. After rebooting, attempt to connect to the Internet.