How to cite web pages

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Understanding the value of how to refer websites in an APA or MLA format can make a difference in getting a good feedback or being accused of copying the material. Citing a website is similar to citing a periodical or a book. There are different well defined rules for different types of citations like MLA, APA, CSE. Between the three mentioned citation techniques; MLA and APA are frequently used types. There are many variations in the citation of websites through each format. One should collect a bit of information before researching the website on the internet. Although the information one gathered from the resource may vary and hence the rules may vary correspondingly. It is very simple and easy to follow the format for citing the articles on the internet.

Materials Needed:
- A computer System
- an internet connection and the website being cited.
Step 1
First of all determine the format one is going to use for the citation. Generally APA (American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association) styles are used frequently. The choice is usually determined by the educational department or a business’s style guide.
Step 2
If MLA format is being used follow the predefined syntax as mentioned below: First come author’s last name, then first name and after that middle name followed by a period. List the title of the specific article in between the double quotes followed by the period. The website title came next in parenthesis followed by the date, the site was accessed. If the date is not known, then one has to write 'n.d' in place of that. At the end came the full URL address of the website. One is suggested to copy and paste the URL address to avoid any mistake. If there are multiple authors, then one has to provide the name of the additional authors after the name of the first author. The first name came first, followed by middle name and the last name at the last and so on. Double-check the way the citations to ensure that the style is followed accurately. Also check out the URL address as many users make mistakes in placing forward and backward slashes improperly. This can alter the out result of the research. Punctuation marks are important. They holds the key because one has to capitalize the first letter in the first word. After that anything must be in the lower-case. End every portion with a period.