How to Install a Computer

Level of difficulty: Difficult

It is cheaper to install a computer by yourself than purchase a computer that is already built. The parts of the computer can be purchased from computer stores that sell used computer parts. Installing a computer by yourself is also advantageous as you will learn how the computer works and you can repair the computer by yourself if ever you have problems with it.

Materials Needed:
- monitor
- Motherboard
- CPU fan
- power supply
- hard drive
- disk drive
- video card
- sound card
- screwdriver
- screws
Step 1
Before beginning to install your computer, you need to make sure that all the computer parts that you have are compatible with each other.
Step 2
Get your motherboard. Be careful in handling the motherboard so as not to damage it. Connect the CPU’s pins to the motherboard. Carefully push the motherboard in place.
Step 3
Install the CPU fan on your motherboard. This device cools the computer down to avoid overheating of the computer.
Step 4
Install the RAM in place on the motherboard. The RAM is the memory of the computer. Gently push the RAM chip inside the slot. There are clips on either side of the RAM slot. Secure the RAM chip in place by using the clips.
Step 5
After installing the major components of the computer, install the motherboard inside the computer case. Secure the motherboard in place by using the screws and the screwdriver.
Step 6
After you have secured the motherboard in place, you can install the power source. The power source has wires connected to it. Connect a wire to the motherboard and to other devices inside the case. You can check the user’s manual of the power source to know which cable to connect to a specific device.
Step 7
Install the hard drive. There is a slot on the computer case designed to hold the hard drive. Make sure that the hard drive is securely in place by using the screws. Get one of the wires connected to the power supply and connect it to the hard drive.
Step 8
Install the CD-ROM drive. Slide the CD-ROM drive on its slot and connect the power source cable to the CD-ROM drive.