How to create website

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you want to build your own website and create an extra income stream, then you can do so. Build a website fast and without any complications even if you are not aware of HTML or FTP>. You can build your website, promote it and get returns from it, you can take the resources to build the web site from the internet but to build a successful web site that is easy to download fast and will pull in lots of traffic is very important. If you are building your website to earn money, it should be something that you enjoy doing as working for long hours on the site can be exhausting.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Use HTML to build your web site as it is easy to grasp and the pages look effective, and are easy to create. In the case of web hosting, there is a lot of competition. The web being an integral part of our world, you should be able to build your website with all the information required for that certain business to grow.
Step 2
You have to keep in mind what you are looking to build, a simple one or two page business or personal website, a content management, a huge content site, an online shopping site, etc. Another factor to keep in mind is if you should use HTML design, use word press as a platform or use a dynamic solution using PHP.
Step 3
You can either purchase your own ecommerce software or you can use a hosted shop. As long as your site is easy to understand, nothing else matters.
Step 4
First of all, plan whether it is a business or personal site, choose the domain and hosting name, then the design.
Step 5
You have to decide whether you want to hire a designer or you want to build it from scratch by yourself using an online website builder. Either of the two has its benefits and drawbacks. The things to consider is how much time you can spare, the knowledge of HTML and what the website is all about.
Step 6
Once the website is made, you have to decide who will be your web host, for that you have to find a company that will do so. The company will provide the space on their servers to show your website.
Step 7
You don’t have to pay a lot for web hosting. Go through different sites and find a good web host for your site that suits your requirements.